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All tournament updates will be posted on Tourney Machine. Search Burnsville Blazin' Hot Hoops in the app or click here to view online and sign up for notifications 


Please review the information below regarding safety measures and procedures for the weekend. 




We appreciate your participation in the Burnsville Blazin' Hot Hoops Tournament 2020. The Covid season has forced us all to examine situations as they arise, and to adjust accordingly. Given the current trends and reports regarding our state, we have decided to revise our spectator policy for this year's tournament. Each team will be allowed 4 adults in the facility during their scheduled games rather than 14 as previously stated. This new policy allows for two coaches, a scorekeeper, and one adult to monitor team issues (e.g. injuries, contact a parent, etc.). 
We realize this is a last minute change, and may strike some of you as drastic. We are trying to be preemptive, erring on the side of caution and player safety. We trust you understand, and appreciate your flexibility in working with us to give all our boys a chance to play the game they love.
Best of luck this weekend, and see you all shortly.
On behalf of the Burnsville Boys' Traveling Basketball Board,
Erik Leafblad, Tournament Director
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Check In Process:


When you arrive for your games, you will enter the building through the High School’s Mraz Center entrance (Door #3). This entrance is at the front of the building, to the right of the main entrance, at the top of the stairs. There will be signs. 


Coaches should gather their players outside the building and enter together. Teams can enter no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the game start time. Temp checks for all players and coaches will be given at check in. Coaches will be given a spectator roster form, 2 coach wristbands and 2 spectator wristbands. Your coaches and players will be allowed to wait in the lobby, all spectators will be asked to wait outside. Coaches must distribute wristbands to spectators and ask them to fill out the spectator roster before they will be allowed to enter the building. Only spectators with a wristband will be allowed in the building. The completed spectator roster should be returned to the check in table before your team heads to the court. The spectator roster will be used for contact tracing purposes. 


* Teams will wait in the lobby until called to take the court for their game.  Spectators will be allowed to enter when the court is ready for seating. 

* Please do your best to maintain social distancing, especially from other teams while waiting. 

* Masks are required for everyone inside the building, no exceptions. 

* When your game is over, everyone (spectators, players and coaches) MUST leave the building immediately through Door #1. These doors are closest to the gyms.  Any team gatherings will need to happen outside. 

* New wristbands will be provided to teams each day, coaches will need to follow the check in process before their first game each day.


There will be no entrance to the building via the activity center/gym doors. 



 • On-court competition will remain the same

 • No handshake lines after games; this will be replaced with a Sportsmanship Salute

 • Game ball sanitized before, during, and at the completion of each game

 • Each team is responsible for bringing hand sanitizing products

 • Huddles during pre-game, halftime, and timeouts must be properly distanced

 • Bench seating must allow for social distancing to take place



 • Outside of your game-time, you must maintain six feet distance, whenever possible, from any person outside of your household. 

• No sharing of food or drinks. 

• Players must refrain from high fives, handshake line, and (outside of game-play) avoid any other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, referees, and spectators. 

• Athletes must wear face coverings while not actively participating on the court. This includes on the bench.



• Must maintain six feet distance from any other person, outside of your household. 

• Face coverings are required for the entire duration that you are inside the facility. 

• Limited spectators are allowed inside the facility and may only enter with advanced reservation/ticketing through organizers. 

• Must conduct a daily symptom assessment and stay home if experiencing symptoms


******All who come to the tournament, must complete the questionnaire below. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may NOT come to the tournament******


• Do you have a temperature of 100.4 (F) or higher?

• Do you have a new or worsening cough today?

• Do you have any of these other symptoms? 

• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

• Fatigue 

• Muscle or body aches 

• Headache 

• New loss of taste or smell 

• Sore throat 

• Congestion or runny nose 

• Nausea or vomiting 

• Diarrhea


Additional information regarding the tournament: 

  • There will be no concessions

  • Games will be found only on Tourney Machine (Burnsville Blazin’ Hot Hoops)

  • There will be NO schedules posted anywhere at the tournament

  • During the tournament, if there are any announcements to be made, they will be through the Tourney Machine app, please make sure not only coaches but parents/spectators have downloaded the app prior to the tournament


Lastly, please be flexible and patient as this is one of the first tournaments of the season for most teams. 


Contact: Kelli or Erik  /