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Volunteer for BAC Girls In-House Basketball!

BAC is a volunteer organization that enriches the lives of young people through sports.

Volunteers are a necessity to keep our programs running smoothly and effectively teach our children teamwork and sportsmanship. Volunteering with BAC will both challenge and enrich you. We have opportunities to manage and supervise, along with many "behind the scenes" opportunities. 

Let’s give back to the community, leave a legacy, and teach our kids to be part of something big.

To volunteer, contact the for more information.

Opportunities to help:

GIHBB Commissioner - Oversee the entire program, represent the sport at BAC Board Meetings, maintain a responsible budget,  recruit players and volunteers, and more.

GIHBB Board of Directors - Support the commissioner(s) and help with overall program leadership, strategy, planning, and execution. 

Coaches - There is always a need for coaches and assistant coaches to provide supervision of team activities, manage equal playing time, teach fundamental skills, and most of all help the kids have fun.

Game Day Gym Assistance - Gyms need to be opened and set up before the first games and picked up after the last games. Each game needs a scoreboard opperator and someone to keep track of equal playing time, individual scores and fouls. 

Fundraising - Organize and follow through on any efforts to raise money for the program, which helps us buy equipment, rent gym time, and keep registration costs affordable.

Tournaments / Concessions - Help support our program by raising money through concession sales or help organize and make sure our tournaments run smoothly.

Program Administration - Help with ordering and distributing jerseys, facilitating picture day, scheduling games and gyms, and much, much more.

Public Relations - Represent BAC and GIHBB in the community and promote our programs to keep awareness up and ensure a viable program.

Anything else - Our community is filled with talented and generous people. Anything that can be offered that can help us serve the youth and enrich their lives through sport is most appreciated!