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Only 1 game was played with unequal time and it was an overtime game which can get confusing...so good job everyone.

Next weeks games are at Kenwood in Lakeville.  They are only 60 minutes each so please have your teams ready on time and do not expect a halftime break if you coach between segments...the games will be on time!  We will only play overtime if we have 5 minutes before the next game.

Coaches - if your association has not taken pictures this is your chance...please signup.

Note about last week's cancellations which games were called due to Shakopee closing the gyms.  So while it was not my decision I am glad they called the games due to the many miles our families travel.  It may have been nice around your home but I would regret anyone getting hurt.  There is no plan to make up these games due to lake of gyms within our season at an affordable price.

Tournament - we have gyms from 8 am to 4pm on 2/15 and 2/22...so please keep both weekends open.  You will not know your schedule until the Sunday after the league games on 2/9.