Volunteer Requirements For Families

Burnsville Fastpitch is a program that has historically raised money through hosting its Fireball tournament, fundraising and sponsorship efforts. This is a community program; it cannot accomplish these goals or survive without volunteers. As a result, each family in Burnsville Fastpitch must do at least 8 hours of volunteer time over the season. At least 4 of these 8 hours must be completed at our own Fireball Tournament. You can choose to meet all 8 hours at the Fireball tournament or there are many opportunities to earn your 4 hours of non-Fireball volunteer time throughout the season:

• Individual Player Evaluations
• Sponsorship Coordination
• End of Year Picnic
• Fundraising Distribution, and More!

Fastpitch cannot function without volunteers. We don’t want your money – we want your time!! But to ensure that all families are motivated to complete their hours, a $150 volunteer deposit will be collected at the beginning of the season. If all 8 hours are completed, the check for the volunteer deposit will not be cashed. Instead it will be security destroyed. If less than 8 hours are completed, the volunteer deposit check will be cashed. This makes volunteering sound like punishment. It’s not. You will have many opportunities to volunteer while you are already at an event or at a game to watch your daughter play. You will meet other families in the program and much of this time becomes an opportunity to socialize and be part of this community while also helping provide a wonderful experience for your daughter.

For more information or questions, please contact us at burnsvillefastpitch@gmail.com.